Alberta, I’ve given you tax dollars and now I have nothing

To the government of Alberta

I’m ok with paying higher taxes

So long as it’s not filling your personal checking accounts

Or giving CEOs bigger breaks on their T4 slips

I’m a healthy person today

Because we pay our doctors well

I’m better educated than past Premieres

Because we continue to fund our schools

I’m an Albertan right from birth

But my day to day isn’t dictated by

The current price per barrel

And I take pride in that

I’ve never worked for the oil industry

And I’ve never stepped foot in Fort McMurray

And I’ve never experienced first hand

The horror of driving highway sixty-three

This is what happens when you build

An entire province’s economy off of a single industry

But it doesn’t mean that you should punish

Publicly funded essential services to human life

You constantly gripe about a twenty per cent differential

When members of your government make forty per cent more

Than most of the people who voted you into your jobs

If we encouraged people to be doctors and teachers

The same way we push young people onto rigs

I seriously doubt we’d be having this discussion

Alberta, I like having my publicly funded essential services

Well funded and efficiently run

I like that doctors are mad for not having a set agreement

And they fought against a corrupt health minister

Looking to bully his agenda into legislation

And I like that teachers have a union and can strike

When they’re told that a child’s education isn’t worth a decent wage

And I don’t like having to defend my university degree

To high school drop outs making six figure paycheques

I understand that everyone needs to work

And I never want to take that away from anyone

I just hope some of these young kids making tar sand coin

Are investing in more than cocaine and strippers

Because one day Fort McMurray will be tapped dry

And there’ll be a lot of broke kids with addictions and STDs

Who will need serious help from a lot of doctors

And will consider going back to school for a new career

I want to pay a higher GST

And I like the idea of a PST

But I also want to see more hospitals, more doctors, more nurses

And I want to see more schools, more teachers, better education

I’m okay with paying more taxes

Just put my money where it belongs


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