Praying for Atomic Explosions

I can’t stand the silence

I find it deafening

Like road blocks in front of me

Stopping me abruptly in my tracks

No longer feeling what’s in my chest

Like everything’s stopped beating

And everything’s stopped moving

Without ever finding any rest

Feeling like I’m praying for the worst

Hoping for atomic bombs to drop

Just to pique my interest

And break the walls of silence

I used to pray for rest

Always trying to control chaos

Making sense of the energy surrounding me

Wanting to hold it in my hands

But now it’s in my grasp

Nothing will break that clasp

Except for maybe an atomic explosion

But the energy has slowed

It’s much easier to catch

I don’t think I want

To rest so quietly anymore

Because I can look out my window

And see atomic explosions

All across the horizon

Wondering who the bombs are landing on

Anticipating where they’ll land next

Hoping and looking to the sky

The next bomb will drop on me

I know I couldn’t survive

Seeing someone else

In an atomic explosion

And I know I can’t stand

Another minute of the silence

I’m rested enough

I’m standing in a field

Waiting for another atomic bomb to drop

Looking to the sky for broken silence

Praying the next bomb drops on me


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