We Should All Huck Eggs at Thomas Lukaszuk

220px-Thomas_Lukaszuk,_MLA_Deputy_PremierRecently, I wrote an open letter to Alberta’s Deputy Minister Thomas Lukaszuk about this administration’s treatment of public sector institutions such as health care and education.

I also published an essay about the cuts to primary education and questioned what were the motives behind these gross budget reductions.

I see myself sometimes as a speculative and hyperbolic rhetorician, where I notice things that those in positions of authority and power are leaning towards and make mention or borderline dystopian outcomes that they could lead to. Will my suggestions actually happen the way I write? Probably not. Is it a feasible outcome that helps the reading public think? Absolutely.

I can now only question how hyperbolic my suggestions are: there are other who are agreeing with me.

Paula Simons of the Edmonton Journal published a column where she analyzes Lukaszuk’s interference with the University of Alberta and much of what she says mirrors much of my dystopian speculations.

“If the U of A is in crisis, it’s mostly because the province created one and thereby created for itself a perfect excuse to stick its nose into the university’s governance.”

It feels something like that moment of clarity that Mel Gibson experienced in Conspiracy Theory when it finally came to fruition that there is something scandalous afoot and that “they” really are after him. It’s a moment, “even I barely believed what I was saying. Yet here we are.”

“A cynic might well wonder to what extent this financial crisis was manufactured for that express purpose — to further the province’s Campus Alberta homogenization agenda.”

This cynic has had an issue with the Campus Alberta homogenization agenda (no need for quotes, this isn’t a term of phrase, it’s just what it literally is) since it was first announced. It simply screamed of killing academia in place for more programs that can further the agendas of big business and oil.

“It’s a Tory pattern. Create a policy mess. Then make the board and bureaucrats responsible for carrying out that policy convenient public scapegoats when things go awry.”

I understand that the Alberta Conservatives have a mandate to end deficit budgets in Alberta. I have a conservative side myself and I like the idea of surplus governments. The problem arises in that the Alberta Government is suddenly sacrificing essential services to Albertans to try and meet this budgetary agenda. They’re no longer looking at Albertans as people; only as beans to count.

It’s no far-reaching cryptic secret that educated populations make more money, which then results in better local economies. It’s why Scandinavian countries, which offer free post-secondary education, run very few deficit budgets and some of the largest surplus governments in the world.

It appears that the Government of Alberta has traded sensible facts and truths for sticking with idealistic agendas.

It also appears that my own conspiracy theories may not be that far off from the truth.

I guess it’s time we all put on our tinfoil hats, stand screaming on street corners and huck eggs anytime we see Thomas Lukaszuk or any member of his and Alison Redford’s Conservative caucus. We might sound like we’re crazy, but we’re the public that these elected officials should be serving.

We’re not numbers.


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