Jon Woke up to a Normal Day

Humans don’t normally stand up and walk away for seemingly no reason. There is always a purpose to the forward locomotive motion that humans produce: seeking other devices to communicate with other humans, finding nourishment to consume, finding an apparatus to excrete waste, these were reasons humans produced locomotive motions. It was part of the expectations of others. Anything else would disrupt the expectations of others and cause thoughts about potential purposes for creating the locomotive motions in question. Humans can be cruel when they think and it was of the utmost importance to never give humans a reason to think about a specific human.

It was a completely normal day for Jon. He woke up in his chamber, specifically designed for human rest and sleep for many hours at a time. He rested well and, from his own analysis, spent quite a few hours in the rapid-eye-movement state of sleep. He walked through his single-capacity dwelling, altering the electrical currents throughout to activate the artificial light sources before inspecting the contents of his artificial food preservation device. He selected his liquefied protein supplement and his processed grain assemblage to consume as part of his daily nutrient intake. He then stepped into his heater-water bathing apparatus, rinsed his mouth with an alcohol-fluoride-bleach chemical concoction and dressed himself in the approved apparel designated by his employer.

The white buttons fit through the small slits in a perfect, uniformed line and slipped his cravat through the appropriate slits around his neck. He inspected his apparel for any signs of remnants of misplaced nourishment. Once Jon decided that his colleagues, employers, peers and community would deem his apparel appropriate, he lifted his synthetic animal-hide satchel and left his single-capacity dwelling.

There was a mobile vehicle that Jon travelled in through the circuitry of concrete slabs that line the city. The internal combustion engine that required large amounts of natural non-renewal resources to run, and in turn emitted a substance that was fatal to humans if breathed in too heavily, started and began combusting resources at a normal rate in order for Jon to travel across the circuitry to the glass behemoth that housed hundreds of humans during the daylight hours.

Hundreds of humans were travelling through the concrete circuitry at the same time Jon was. They negotiated speeds and spaces to ensure that all who were travelling through the concrete circuitry arrived to their points of destination in as efficiently of a manner as possible.

Jon arrived to his point of destination at the exact time his employer would have deemed appropriate to arrive at. His employer was always pleased when Jon arrived promptly and in a punctual manner, sending digital communications praising Jon for his punctuality. Jon found his way to his specifically designated quarters for employment, activated his digital information communicator and began responding to what seemed like thousands of bits of information, incoming and outgoing constantly. Words moved faster than any of the vehicles across the concrete circuitry Jon had to negotiate with earlier that morning and digital messages would be inputted and promptly delivered to the digital communications devices of others faster than the water pouring out of Jon’s bathing apparatus.

There was no noise coming from Jon’s designated employment quarters; neither was there any noise from any of the other employment quarters that surrounded Jon’s quarters. Thousands upon thousands of digital messages were sent between hundreds and hundreds of machines and not a single word was spoken all throughout the employment establishment as if everyone was worried that if even the slightest bit of sound broke through, and those sound waves cutting through the air travelled to any of the glass walls that surrounded the specifically designated employment quarters, the glass would shatter and the entire establishment would crumble while thousands of digital messages would remain unanswered and thousands of humans would discuss amongst themselves the purpose of the establishment crumbling.

As the digital messages were inputted and exported, for what felt like hours, Jon suddenly stopped.

Jon stopped and he sat perfectly still as more and more digital messages began to occupy his digital communications device. He wasn’t necessarily staring at the messages as they began to flood in, thousands at a time. It was almost as if he was staring through all the messages, his eyes glazing over and his ears ringing with silence. This was the first time Jon noticed the silence. He tapped the illuminated screen of his digital communications device twice, simply to hear what it would sound like, echoing through the lonely room filled with hundreds and hundreds of humans.

Tap, tap.

That’s when the digital messages stopped flowing in, like someone quickly turned the tap to the hot-water bathing apparatus. There was a second of complete stillness in the digital communications devices. Then, like someone turned the tap the other way again, messages began flooding in again.

“I think I’m done,” Jon said, his voice booming through the room, echoing off the glass walls and carrying across all the designated employment quarters like a strong wind blowing throughout and attracting everyone’s attention. The digital messages stopped once again and people began to peek out of their designated employment quarters, over and around the walls curiously trying to spot what just made that noise.

Jon stood up and walked out of his designated employment quarter and started walking through the long hallway, passing all of the other designated employment quarters. People stared and leaned out, some leaned out so far that they fell over, and when they landed they shattered across the floor like a porcelain doll dropped from a rooftop.

Shattered pieces of the people scattered across the ground, banging so loud that the glass walls surrounding the designated employment quarters began cracking and splintering. Jon looked down at some of the shattered people and looked directly into their open bodies and saw there was nothing in their insides. Just a hollow piece of porcelain shattered across the floor.

As Jon continued walking across, more people stood up and walked beside him. Some tripped and fell along the way, shattering across the floor. The glass walls continued to crack and pieces fell landing on some of the people. Some shattered under the weight of the glass that fell. Some shattered as the thin shards cut through their delicate hollow shells. Some slipped on the loose glass on the floor and fell and shattered. Those who shattered did for different reasons, but they all shattered.

Jon and the last few people who didn’t shatter made it outside of the glass behemoth and watched the cracks along the glass become wider and longer, until the whole complex collapsed and shattered along the concrete circuitry, disrupting the flow of mobile vehicles who then tried to negotiate space with the shattered glass along the concrete circuitry.

Jon stared at the remnants of the complex, pieces of the glass structure scattered all along Jon’s peripheral vision. He saw the complex was hollow inside.


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