Burning in my Throat

It’s like it’s constantly raining

And I’m constantly leaving my coat in the car

I know you’re sitting in the cafe

Swirling the foam in your cappuccino

Tapping your fingers on the table

And staring at the entrance

I’m stuck at a red light

And the wind’s blowing against me

And the drunks falling out of the bars

Are blowing smoke, trailing to my face

The water trickles cold along the tip of my nose

While you sit comfortably, keeping warm

Trickling along, through my shirt and down my neck

Into my eyes, stinging and leaving me blind

There’s a fire still tickling my throat

The feeling of porcelain against my hand

I try to stop and catch my breath

Choking as it all starts coming up again

The light finally turns green and I try to move forward

But my own feet are forgetting how to walk

Grab the sides with my arms and keep pushing forward

Slipping on wet ground and losing my balance

I’m hoping you’re still waiting at the cafe

Sitting with your legs crossed, twirling your hair

You’ll be the glimmer of hope that keeps me going

I’ll be the drowned rat disguised and looking for change

But though the door I see that you’re gone

My last chance walked out on two legs

Her heels clicking probably echoed through the room

Letting everyone know the drowned rat is doomed

I try to take comfort with the burning in my throat

The only warm comfort that I know


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