My Lingering Breath

I’ve stopped my march through the snow

My feet are freezing

And I can’t feel my legs

It feels like I’ve been marching for hours

My shoes barely grip

They slip on the sidewalk

I’m following street names and counting avenues

Guessing which way north is

Assuming I’m aimed in the right direction

But as my face goes numb

And my breath freezes to my beard

The sun starts setting in the distance

I should have arrived by this time

Kind of like how it should be warmer by now

Kind of like how the breath hanging in front of my face

Should have dissolved and floated off

Instead it lingers in front of my face

Like a thick fog blocking my view

I’m cold and I’m lost

My teeth are chattering

And my knees are shaking

I was told this is the right way to go

And I followed all the signs

And still I’m standing nowhere

Freezing cold, foggy eyed

With no idea where I went wrong

And I can’t figure out if I’m on the right track

Or if I should turn back


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